Where can I get ShowdownVR?

You can grab your copy right now on Steam!

Which headset does ShowdownVR support?

Every headset supporting Oculus's SDK or Valve's OpenVR SDK, starting with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Should I play standing or sitting?

Showdown was primary designed as a standing experience, but we play it sitting sometimes as well, it's' entirely up to you, we recommend playing it standing for extra fun!

Hey, there is another game called Showdown that I've heard about?!

Yes, Epic Games tech demo Showdown can be found under concepts in Oculus Store, you should try it out!
You can find our game ShowdownVR on Steam.

What's the difference between Dodger and The One, game modes?

In both games modes player can steer the ship at any time, but only in The One game mode player can also teleport manually, attack and slow down time.

There was a book written about the game?

Yes, short book "Showdown: Virtual reality carnage" (54 printed pages) was written as an accompanying piece to the game. It documents technology behing the game.

Do you collect any user information?

We don't collect anything expect your username, scores and ISO code of your Country, and you can turn that off in settings. For more details, see privacy policy.